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It's for everyone!

Our logo maker tool has been created with you in mind. The idea is to make it easy for you to launch your project regardless of your branding needs. Why wait, when you can make your dream come true right here, right now?

For Bloggers

Startups and entrepreneurs this is the time to launch your business with a brand new look – with a smashing brand logo. Just get your favorite logo symbol, customize it according to your brand’s vision and mission and get going.

For Business Owners

Bloggers and writers wanting to start your own revolution with a pen or keyboard, your time is now. Get a unique identity design from Free Logo Creator to match your ideology and launch your blog instantly in minutes.

For Webmasters

Webmasters your site is incomplete without a logo to set your website design theme. Our free logo generator is simple and easy for you to select a graphic symbol and customize it according to your website theme.

For App Developers

Your application can have a brand new icon within minutes. Just grab one from our logo generator gallery, customize according to your taste and download instantly to brand your Android or iOS app today!

For Designers

Looking for inspirations and running out of ideas. Fret not, our Free Logo Creator is just the software to bring your mojo back. With thousands of creative brand logos available, you can have unlimited inspirations for your next design project.

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Why Choose

Choose your Logo over a Graphic Designer
Beautiful logo templates

One of the most important part of launching a business is getting a brand identity. And all business brand identities start with a logo. Nowadays there are two ways to go about it – the hard way or the fast way.

Search for a Graphic Designer

You can search for a professional graphic designer, study their portfolio and try to match their rates with your budget. Chances are, they’ll be too expensive, & they’ll take some time to understand your brand, create some concepts to come up with the perfect logo for you. If you have time you can choose this route.

Use a Fast and Free Logo Maker

You can use a DIY logo maker like ours and make your logo yourself. With only a few clicks you can browse through tons of design templates. Pick a design you fancy to customize according to your branding needs. If you don’t like your design, start over. You can literally play around with thousands of concepts for free!

Unlimited Logo Concepts

Did we mention unlimited concepts? That’s right, with thousands of logos for you to choose from you can literally generate unlimited concepts with our free logo generator. Use text, shapes, colors, or fonts, to up the concept game! Start creating your logo now

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