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How to Create a Logo in Minutes

You don’t have to worry about hiring a graphic designer or even need to have design skills. Just follow these steps using the free online logo generator to get your company logo design downloaded in minutes!

logo template

Step 1 Select a logo template

Start by entering your company name and select the industry in which you operate. Our logo maker will automatically populate tons of logo design templates that are relevant to your business. Browse through the list, and pick your favorite logo to start customizing in our easy logo maker studio. And the best part is, you get to use the free logo generator absolutely FREE for any number of times you like!

Step 2 Personalize your design

Within Free Logo Creator’s design studio, you’ll be amazed with what you can do with a simple logo design template. Apart from company name, tagline, you can also add fonts, shapes, color backgrounds, gradients and hues to match with your ideas of an outstanding brand logo. And if you don’t like what you have created, use the logo maker to start over with no charge at all.

Personalize your design
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Step 3 Download instantly

When you are ready to download then simply click on the “Download” button which will prompt you to sign up and login. Again, no worries about payment. Our free logo maker will not ask for your credit card or any other type of payment information. Just continue to download your company logo vector files, easily supported by any graphic design editor.

Who Should Use Free Logo Creator

Business Card Designs to Boost Networking

Your business card can help you go places and boost your networking activities. Impress your network with a branded business card designed by professionals.

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Unique Email Signature Designs for the Expert

Find professional email signature designs especially created for the experts. From our free design maker, get a variety of email signature options.

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Envelope Designs to Wrap Your Message

Your stationery design is incomplete without superior quality envelope designs. Try our envelope design creator to get an envelope design and download in minutes.

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Letterhead Designs to Identify Your Brand

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Remarkable Postcard Designs for Download

Get creative postcard designs and download in minutes when you use our postcard design creator. Try it today and you’ll get hooked!

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Say it Out Loud with Fetching Merchandise

When you have your logo in hand, you can be bold with promotional merchandise designs. From branded t-shirts, caps, bags, to mugs, water bottles, giveaways, etc.

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Social Media Design Maker at Fingertips

Take the stress out of social media design with our social design maker tool. Whether you are looking for Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter cover designs, get it here.

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Impactful Sticker Designs Made Simple

Glamor up your brand with an outstanding sticker on your product or packaging; your brand goes with it everywhere. Quick and easy sticker design maker!

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Your Company Needs a Memorable Logo

Whether you are a startup company or an established business, you need a logo. It is the essence of your company and the face of your business. You need a logo to identify your brand with your target audience. This is why experts believe that:

David Airey

"A logoless company is a faceless man” – David Airey

Paul Rand

“A logo does not sell (directly), it identifies.” – Paul Rand

As long as your logo conveys your brand message to your customers, you are on your way to becoming a memorable brand. Whether you create a logo for free or spend thousands of dollars, your logo should make that first impression.

Build Brand Image with a Logo Like a Pro

Famous and successful brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, and Google invest in time and money to make their brand recognizable with a logo because they understand the importance and value of their brand identity.

famous Nike logo a retail company
famous Coca-Cola logo a beverage company
famous Apple logo a technology company
famous McDonald’s logo a fast food restaurant