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Why Do You Need a Jewelry Shop Logo?

Brand Awareness

Your jewelry shop logo design will be used to identify your store and products so you need an impressive one which tells people exactly what you have to offer.

Unique Logo

It is important to stand out from the competition and create a unique jewelry shop logo which is easy to recognize on packaging, websites and social media pages.

Brand Loyalty

An elegant jewelry logo can help create a strong brand identity and build loyal clientele so get started with our jewelry logo maker free and customize your design now!

4 Ways to Create a Jewelry Brand Logo

Combination Mark Jewelry Logos

The symbols in a jewelry logo brand can increase brand recognition and make it easier for people to identify the jewelry store or business. Icons used as a crown logo diamonds, abstract shapes or flowers can go very well with a wordmark in jewelry brand design. With our jewelry logo creator free, you can easily add or change the icons or symbols to represent your company.

If you want to go with an illustration or detailed imagery,make sure that it remains clear and visible on various branding and promotional materials. For a jewelry shop logo or jewelry business logo, you can choose a building or structure with a ring, accessories and even gemstones to convey the right message.

There are patterns and shapes like a rhombus, triangle or hexagon that you can also combine with a wordmark or lettermark. By choosing a relevant icon or jewelry symbol, it becomes easier to reach out to people on social media networks and establish credibility. You can also use the imagery alone on the header, profile picture and posts as well.

Here are a few ideas that you can check out for your jewelry logo inspiration before creating an attractive brand design:

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  • Gift Shop Logos
  • Handmade Jewelry Logos
  • Wedding Logos

Wordmark Jewelry Logos

When choosing the typeface or fonts for your jewelry company logo, it is a good idea to go with a wordmark that creates recognition quickly. Customize the font style to create a brand design that is unique to your brand. Take the example of the logo design of Tiffany & Co.which is one of the most popular jewelry brands in the world. People can easily recognize the sophisticated wordmark which represents the history of the company and highlights its core values.

The company has chosen a customized Serif font which is similar to Baskerville and Times New Roman. It is elegant and stands out on various digital and print mediums immediately. Similarly, you can also go with a traditional Serif font such as Aldine, Sabon or Palatino to draw attention to the brand name in your earrings logo or necklace logo design.

You can also consider handwritten or Script fonts which can make the brand symbol appear sophisticated and stylish. Cartier has chosen an elegant handwritten font which cannot be missed anywhere. If you want to go with modern or contemporary fonts and a minimalistic look, opt for a Sans Serif typeface like Verdana or Helvetica.

Pictorial Jewelry Logos

Whether you are creating a logo for art jewelry or a jewelry accessories logo, it is crucial to choose the right imagery to represent the business. In our jewelry logo creator free, it is very simple to customize the logo design and create an impressive pictorial mark. You can pick this type or style of logo to make a strong impact on the audience. When you are satisfied with the final results, you can get your jewelry logo free in minutes.

Go with a relevant color scheme that makes the brand symbol memorable and timeless. Pastels in pink and blue can work very well in jewelry logos. You can also choose hues of red, orange and yellow to bring out a feeling of joy and excitement. A classic black and white combination is also great for an attractive jewelry brand logo.

You can go with animal imagery or choose symbol that tell your brand story. Swarovski’s swan logo is recognized across the world for its elegance and purity. With pictorial marks, it becomes easier to boost awareness and get people interested in what you have to offer. They also appear mysterious on their own so you can make people think about your jewelry logo for a long time as well.

Make sure that you opt for a simple color scheme for your pictorial logo so that it requires minimal upgrades over time. Gold and purple are also a good choice as they are associated with luxury and elegance. Try out different combinations and select a color palette that tells people what your business is about from the first look.

Lettermark Jewelry Shop Logos

This is also a popular jewelry shop logo style that you can consider for branding. It is essential to select a layout that matches the type of logo and graphic elements. For a minimalist lettermark, you can go with a left or right alignment to highlight the name on visiting card designs, product packaging, flyers or letterhead design.

You can get your jewelry logo design free download in minutes and use it for promoting your shop or business immediately. With this type of brand design, it's easier to grab attention and create a memorable logo design.

Make sure that whichever layout you choose, it draws attention on different platforms and does not confuse potential customers. Think about the packaging as well as its importance for the jewelry store logo to be visible on the products or accessories.

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