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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a logo creator?

A logo creator is a software which has a database of ready-to-use logo templates. All you have to do is select a symbol, and you can design a logo yourself without the help of any graphic designer. The best part about a logo creator is that you don’t have to have an appointment, wait for replies or talk to anyone to get your logo. You can access the tool any time you like, even at home sitting in your pajamas!

How to start creating my logo?

To start creating your logo, click on "Start Creating" and a list of symbols will populate your screen. Sort it by industry if you like or pick one from the assortment.

  • Once you've selected your symbol, time to personalize. Add color, text, and effects to give your logo a personal touch.
  • If you’re designing this symbol for your company then add company name and tagline.
  • If you’re using the design as an avatar for your social profile then you don’t need to add text.
  • If you’re designing the symbol as an icon for your website then simply add color and download.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the results, click download for vector files.

Where can I find the logo templates?

To get a template and start the design process click on "Start Creating". You will get a whole list of logos categorized by industry. Select one of your liking to get started.

What is gradient and how do I use it?

Gradient is a graphical effect which gives your design a layer of light and dark tones of the same color. This is a powerful effect which can be used to give your design a shine or metallic look.

What does the effect tool do?

The effect tool comprise of "shine", "gloss" , "opacity" and "shadow". When you turn on any one or a combo of these effects, your design will get a professional look. For example if you use gloss, it will lighten a portion of your symbol color. Similarly, if you use shadow, it will darken your symbol color.

What’s the use of the shield shape?

Shields are symbols of security, authority and credibility. Shields are often used in emblems, monograms or insignia for authoritative branding. You’ll often see them in school, university, security, insurance and legal company logos.

If your company needs an authoritative logo design then using a shield would be a good idea.

How do I make my logo unique?

Creating a logo is a complex process, especially if you’re designing for a company brand identity. A lot of thought goes into it, and we’d recommend you spend some time getting inspiration from friends and families, your environment, your company mission and vision.

There are three main areas that you need to concentrate on for designing a unique logo.

  • Selecting your logo symbol. It should represent what your company’s niche and brand message.
  • Then you need to select a color that aesthetically appeals to your audience as well as suit your industry.
  • And last, the font you choose for your company name can have a drastic effect on the outcome.

Apart from these, you can tweak the design with effects, shapes or go for minimal design to make it unique.

What type of files will I get for my logo design?

If you choose to download Standard free logo design, then you’ll get standard quality JPEG and PNG files for download. If you choose High Quality then you’ll get high quality JPEG, PNG and PDF files for download. You can use in high quality

printing of any size you like, as well as for digital branding.

What do you charge for a logo design?

For Standard quality logo design we do not charge anything. It’s absolutely free. All we ask in return is to give us credit for the hard work we’ve done on the tool.

For High Quality we charge only $79 for downloading the design you’ve personalized and completed.

Do I need to know graphic design to create a logo?

Not at all! The best part about DIY logo creator is that you can create your own logo without any graphic design knowledge. The logo software is so intuitive that even your kid can design it. Try it out!