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What Makes a Good Restaurant Logo Design?

Fast Food Logo Icon

A logo symbol is the key to identify the restaurant logo. Whether you are designing for a Chinese restaurant logo, or a fast food restaurant logo, you can never go wrong with a food icon such as a pizza, piece of chicken, vegetables, baked items, soup bowl, or simple fork and knife icons.

There are a range of food icons available online which make them great for designing logos for restaurants or any eatery for that matter. However, using a fast food restaurant logo maker frees up your time and allows you to spend time on creating a meaningful restaurant brand identity. Here are some restaurant ideas to get you started:

When you select your fast food restaurant logo icon, be sure it reflects what you offer and appeal to your patrons whether you are designing a cafe logo or a gourmet food shop logo.

Typography for Restaurant Logo

Even if you choose to have a wordmark or lettermark restaurant logo, you can still play around with our alphabet logo maker to get plenty of logos for restaurant or bar options. Some of the best fonts that go well with restaurant brand identity designs include Baskerville, Helvetica, Regatta, Molluca, Brandon Grotesque, Chambord, and Proxima Nova.

Typography identifies with moods and appeals to your audience. You can use the classic touch to create a vintage restaurant logo like a pub, bar or BBQ grill restaurant. Alternatively, you can go the gourmet route with Parisian style fonts to create a tasteful logo for your eatery.

Fancy or curvy fonts are great to get started with an appetizing restaurant logo but you can also experiment with modern sans serif fonts for a clean and futuristic logo. Whichever font you use, make sure it matches with your food establishment, the audience you want to target and the branding theme.

Cafe Logo Colors

Colors play an important role in making your cafe logo stand out or cave in. Most cafe logo designers swear by red and orange as appetizing colors for eateries. However, we find that browns, greens, and similar earthy tones work just as well in creating a unique restaurant logo image.

If you are keen on creating a modern and simplistic look, some other color options include hues of green, yellow, pink, purple and blue to create a healthy and enticing look just like famous fast food logos like Subway, Burger King, Domino’s, and Taco Bell’s have done.

And if you are lost, you can always use our restaurant logo creator online for free to explore color palettes for say, hamburger logo inspiration and ideas. Simply use our font tool in the studio to generate a combination of letter logos for your cafe until you find the right font type.

Bar Logo Layout

Layout of your bar logo makes a great difference to the viewer. You can select the stacked look involving a symbol at the top with the restaurant name and slogan stacked below it. This can also be arranged as left or right aligned to the symbol as well.

Alternatively, if you are running a bakery or bar, then a classic badge style bar logo with text running around the design will give that distinctive style that your audience expects from your brand.

Some health drinks and similar drink logos are designed in simple and minimal style to impress the young and hip crowd. Whichever layout you adopt, make sure that your sports bar logo is visible and legible for your audience.

You can get started with our free logo creator online to experiment with your restaurant logo inspiration.

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