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Why Do You Need an Insurance Company Logo?

Brand Promotion

It is important for an insurance company to create recognition and promote their brand with a professional insurance logo design that you create quickly.

Build Trust

With an impressive insurance agency logo, you can gain the trust of the target audience and convince them to make the right decision within a short time.


You need to be consistent with branding on print and digital platforms to attract potential clients and establish credibility so get started with our insurance logo maker right now!

Insurance Brand Logo Design Tips

Insurance Logo Symbols

The insurance company logo or insurance agent logo is one of the first things that the audience will most likely see on promotional materials. So make sure that you choose the icons or symbols which immediately tell them what you have to offer. Go with abstract figures, hands, an umbrella, a door or a house.

With relevant symbols, you can showcase your expertise or niche in home insurance logo design, commercial property insurance or vehicle insurance. It is also common for businesses to use animal imagery to grab attention immediately. You can also choose abstract icons, arrows or a shield or badge to create a memorable insurance advisor logo.

There are hundreds of templates that you can look through in our insurance logo maker studio . Find one that reflects the industry and core values in the best way. You can customize the icons or symbols in a few minutes and get your insurance logos for free without additional design skills.

Health Insurance Logo Fonts

Stick with bold and sharp fonts for your health insurance logos. Sans serif styles such as Qanela Soft, Nexa and Innovate and Inter Sans can work very well in such brand symbols. With well-spaced typography and contemporary fonts, you can make sure that the name of the service provider is legible on any print or digital medium.

It is a good idea to avoid free flowing or script fonts in health insurance logos as it could be confusing for the target audience. If you want to try out a serif font style like Garamond or Baskerville, make sure that name or slogan is clearly visible and sends out the right message

A relevant font style can boost recognition and make it easier for the target audience to recall the insurance logos later on. Go with a clean and minimalist look which tells people that the business is up to date with the latest practices and can solve their problems.

Car Insurance Logo Colors

It is important to pick the color palette for car insurance logo design wisely. You want to make sure that the combination showcases the industry clearly and tells the target audience about the company or service immediately. Choose a monochromatic color scheme or opt for a two or three color palette for your car insurance provider logo. You can go with blue, white and blue, green, yellow and black or blue, gray and white.

Search through our car insurance logo templates and select one that matches your business or service. It is also a good idea to try out an appealing color contrast for car insurance company logo design. You can experiment with a range of options in our auto insurance logo creator studio.

It is best to opt for colors which are common in the industry like blue, green, earthy brown tones or black. Green is popular as it represents safety and is associated with growth or success. If you choose blue, you can showcase reliability, security and professionalism. You can also pick subtle colors for a soothing or calming effect.

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