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When you have a DIY logo animator for free, you don’t need anyone else to make your logo jump out of a page. All you have to do is just select a logo from our Free Logo Creator tool or add your own to get the magic started.


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Free Texts, Colors, and Shapes Animation
Free Texts, Colors, and Shapes Animation
Free Texts, Colors, and Shapes Animation

Free Texts, Colors, and Shapes Animation

You can select our pre-made logo animation templates or get creative with your own style to animate texts, colors, shapes and more, in just a few clicks. Give your brand that lively effects using our creative logo animation maker.

  • Easy to animate
  • Fast to download
  • Fun to share
Animate Logo

Super Simple Logo Motion Graphics

We take the hard work out of logo animation by giving you stunning templates and effects ready for you to pick up. All our templates present logo motion graphics that are professionally crafted and designed to catch attention. Just use our drag and drop tool to get started. Check out some of our animated logo designs below.

Animate Logo

Frequently Asked Questions About Logo Animation

Upload your logo in our logo animation creator tool and choose the effects to create a logo design. Preview how the logo appears and download all the files within minutes for branding and promotion. In our animation studio, you can make an interesting animation for your logo icon in minutes.

You will only have to pay a small amount to access the high resolution files. Our free animation creator allows you to upload the icon, lettermark or image and add any animation effect that you want. You can edit the background colors or add a text field. To download the files, you have to pay minimal charges.

Yes, you can freely share the logo on various social media platforms and websites too. It could help you grab the attention of a wider audience instantly and make a good impression on the viewers as well. In our animation logo studio, it’s very simple to find motion graphics and give your brand icon a whole new look!

You can find a range of logo styles for the animation and choose accordingly. It's very simple to animate a wordmark, lettermark, mascot or abstract icon to represent your brand in the best possible way. We also provide you with suitable file formats for different screens sizes and resolutions so that the logo animation can stand out instantly.

Yes, you do not need to learn animation or motion graphics to create an interesting logo. The studio is quite simple to work with and has multiple features for customization. You can get a look at how the animation appears before downloading the files as well. Try to avoid anything too complicated that could impact the loading speed of the graphics.