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How To Design An Automobile Logo

Pick A Logo

Look for the best automobile logo design and choose the right template to create a lasting and memorable brand design with our automobile logo maker in a few minutes.

Adjust or Change

With your own automobile custom logo you can make adjustments or changes to the colors, icons and fonts for branding on social media, website, brochures or merchandise.

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When you are satisfied with the final design, get your automobile company logo and download the files instantly to begin using it for branding and promotion.

Automobile Brand Logo Design Tips

Auto Shop Logo Icons

Get creative with your auto business logo icon and choose one that represents your services or brand in the best way possible. With a car logo, it is important to draw attention to speed and motion as that shows people exactly what they can get and make a positive impression.

So choose symbols such as a moving car, speedometer, gear or lightning bolt for your auto shop or transport business logo. You can also go with motion lines or a minimalist swoosh around the wordmark or image. Find an icon or symbol in our free auto shop logo creator and customize the brand design accordingly.

Some auto business logo emblems also have powerful imagery of animals or shapes to reflect speed and strength. These elements can have a strong impact on the audience and can add to the appeal of the brand symbol. For auto maintenance shop or service business, you can choose icons such as a wrench or screwdriver.

Auto Repair Logo Fonts

In this industry, it is important to stand out and communicate with the audience from the beginning. So for your custom auto repair logo, you can pick out fonts and a typeface that create the right brand perception. Our Free Logo Creator for car repair businesses has a range of options in fonts and typography. You can experiment with different styles until you find the right one!

It is best to go with something unique and classic that makes the logo design memorable. If you want to create a modern and contemporary look, you can go with clean typography and Sans Serif fonts like Codec, Montreaux Sans Pro or Roboto. This can make your auto repair company logo or auto repair services logo versatile and eye-catching.

For a traditional appearance that tells people about the origins or history of your business, you can choose script fonts such as Turbinado, Variane Script or Bon Vivant. To personalize the auto repair brand design, try a free flowing script style to create a wordmark with a flair. Just make sure that the typography or fonts are legible on different mediums.

Auto Parts Logo Colors

Choose the color palette for your auto parts business logo carefully. Make sure that it reflects your repair service shop, trucking company or restoration business and industry accurately. When you are creating an auto parts business logo online, select powerful colors that send the right message. Here are a few that you can try:

  • Silver and black
  • Red and black
  • Blue and white
  • Gold and purple
  • Yellow and red

The colors silver and gold are associated with luxury, success and sophistication. With our free auto parts company logo maker, you can pick a color palette that immediately attracts the attention of the target audience. Contrast silver with black which represents authority and strength or include hues of green with a blue and black combination.

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