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Create Custom Sticker Design with a Template

Now you can create custom sticker design for your business brand on the go. With a variety of sticker design templates available on our sticker maker, you will have so many options to play with. Whether you want to design a custom sticker as a label design for packaging, print material or just for fun, you’ve come to the right place. And the best part is, they are absolutely FREE!

How to Get a Free Sticker Design Today

Follow these simple steps to get your free sticker design right away. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay a dime for these sticker designs.


Pick a sticker design template to get started.


Edit all you want with fonts and colors.


Download your sticker design to your computer.

Make Your Stickers for Business, a Cause or Fun

We have all types of stickers and a variety of shapes and styles so that you can select the one just right for your needs. We have stickers for:

  • Branding – for brands that want to reach out to a diversified audience. Branding stickers are the best for as packaging seals, price tags product labels.
  • Promotional labels – can be used to promote your product materials and campaigns.
  • Name tags – customizable name tags are great for events, workshops or occasions.
  • Personalized labels – are often used for personal branding address, name, or messages on stationery, etc.
Make Your Stickers for Business, a Cause or Fun
Why Use a Sticker Maker for Stickers and Labels?

Why Use a Sticker Maker for Stickers and Labels?

For professionals, newbies and business owners alike, our sticker maker is a time saver. Just start designing your own sticker without any graphic designing expertise.

  • Use sticker maker for inspiration

    Out of ideas on how to design a sticker? Use our sticker creator to get plenty creative ideas in a jiffy.

  • Use sticker maker to make your own design

    With our DIY sticker maker tool you can easily make your own sticker with a template design.

  • Use sticker maker to tweak your design

    If you want to spruce up your own design, use our sticker creator to edit and add on to your design.