About Us

What do you get when you combine the Internet and a bunch of creative programmers? Interactive and creative software like FreeLogoCreator.com! Yes, our team comprise of a bunch of creative graphic designers with the passion to float the internet with beautiful designs, and programmers who love to show off their coding expertise. That's how FreeLogoCreator.com came into existence.

Our team of designers and developers truly believe that knowledge should be shared in any way possible. And we've channeled ours into a DIY logo software that we're proud of.

Why logo creator? Seeing online startups, entrepreneurs as well as bloggers and website owners struggle to get an affordable online brand image, we wanted to ease their pain - creating a logo creator was within our expertise and voila! FreeLogoCreator.com is created.

Our software allows users to take simple icon designs to create any type of graphic within a few clicks. You can use it anyway you like - a logo design for your business, an avatar for profile picture, an icon for website design or anything you can imagine.

We've put in a lot of effort into this tool, and we hope you enjoy it too. If you like the design you create, feel free to share it on social media or blog about it. Share the love!