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Who Needs Environment Logo Designs?

Non-Profit Organizations

It is essential for non-profit organizations to create awareness with a suitable environment logo design that draws attention on any print and digital mediums.

Recycling Businesses

Companies or businesses that are in the recycling industry can get their green environment logo design in minutes with our environment logo maker.

Government Organizations

To boost visibility and make an impact on people, government organizations need a professional and appealing earth environment logo for websites, blogs and print materials.

How To Make an Environmental Logo

Relevant Imagery

Choose animal or nature imagery of trees, ocean and leaves to tell people about your eco-friendly business or organization. You can go with birds, fish logos or any other species to highlight core values and create an appealing brand design. It is important to include imagery that is relevant to your association or business. For a green environment logo design, pick elements that reflect the core values and grab attention on digital platforms and in print.

You can also opt for symbols such as a globe, hands or buildings to showcase your expertise and industry. Illustrations of landscapes and scenery can also work well in a nature center logo. In our environment logo maker, you can search for a suitable template and customize elements such as colors, fonts, shapes and icons according to requirements.

The image or visuals should give people a clear idea about your startup, recycling company or research center. Make your choice very carefully and start customizing the templates in our environment logo generator.

Versatile Typeface

When it comes to the font styles or typeface, you can try out different ones that are relevant to the startup or project. For a world environmental logo or marine logo, you can opt for traditional and reliable Serif fonts. Choose a typeface such as Recoleta, FF Meta Serif, Bosca or EB Garamond to create a timeless logo design that requires minimal upgrades over the next few years.

If you want to go with a contemporary and clear-cut typeface, you can also pick sans serif font styles like Helvetica, Geonik Pro or Futura. They can work well in environmental logo or abstract environmental logos for research facilities or nutritionists.

It is a good idea to stick with a relevant style which highlights your brand values and makes it easier for the audience to understand what you have to offer. Be it a modern and minimalist lettermark or a creative wordmark, you want to make sure that the name or initials are prominent and can be recognized anywhere within seconds.

Color Scheme

Select colors which reflect your specialty and cause without confusing the audience. You can go with green, blue and yellow that showcase natural elements. They also remind people of water and trees or the landscape logo. You can also choose earthy brown tones or neutrals like black and brown to create a contrast and draw focus to the imagery, illustration or icons.

In our environment logo generator, you can easily use the tools to pick a relevant color palette for the background, design and text. Make sure that the colors you choose add to the appeal of the design and bring all the elements together as well.

For a natural environment logo, you can also consider soothing colors like pale pink or hues of purple. Combine with shades of blue or use white space to create an original design that remains in memory for a long time. Make sure that the design is scalable and catches the eye on stationery, web pages, business cards and merchandise too.

When it comes to creating a community logo design for a save the environment logo, you want to stick to what works. Try to avoid going with bright or bold colors as that could be overwhelming for the viewer.


It is important to choose the layout carefully for a tree environment logo or brand logos. Go with a scalable layout with ample space that keeps the focus on the symbols and text. This makes it easier for the target audience to recognize it anywhere. Make sure that you have a clear idea of your branding strategy before starting work on the design.

You can choose a stacked layout with the image above the text and adjust the alignment accordingly. When looking for ways or ideas on how to design an environment logo, think about what you want to achieve with the brand symbol. Browse through the templates and pick one that represents your business or organization closely.

Once you have finalized the changes, you can get your environment logo free download in a few minutes. There are a lot of options that you can use for branding inspiration in our environment logo creator studio.

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