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Construction Company Logo Design Tips

Building Logo Icons

It is important to convey your industry and nature of business with the home builders logo. You can find a range of icons and symbols to represent your company when using our building logo maker to create an engaging brand design. There are many objects or symbols such as a gable roof, windows, hammer or gear that you can choose from.

In our building logo generator, you can select any template which tells people exactly what your company has to offer Abstract icons, lines and geometric shapes are also commonly used in such logos. When you are looking to make a building logo design, it is important to choose icons that are professional and keep things simple.

Select a style or format that immediately catches the eye and stands out on your business cards, flyers and website. You can go with a cityscape, building structures or a construction worker figure in the logo design too. Make sure the icons or symbols are clear and add to the appeal of the building logo design. Here are a few ideas to explore for inspiration and branding:

  • House Logos
  • Home Logos
  • Alphabet Letter Logos
  • Door Logos
  • DIY Company Logo

Contractor Logo Typography

The typography and fonts are very important to the overall general contractor logo. So pick a style that sends the right message about the message and does not confuse the target audience. It is best to go for the latest Sans Serif fonts like Helvetica, Futura, Proxima Nova or Avant Garde Gothic.

Our contractor business logo generator has all the tools that you will need to customize the typeface and create a professional wordmark or lettermark. You can also choose Serif fonts such as Garamond, GT Sectra or Times New Roman to create a contrast with the slogan if included.

So the business name can be in bold, Sans Serif fonts with the tagline in classic,Serif style. It is also a good idea to pair up fonts from the same family for a more contemporary and clean appearance. The typography should draw attention instantly and make a positive impression on the audience.

House Construction Logo Colors

For a home construction logo, you want to make sure that the color palette is relevant to the industry and shows professionalism. If you are going with a building logo design to highlight your expertise in home construction, then you need to opt for colors that bring all the elements together. Look for inspiration around you and find out what’s trending as you browse through the templates in our home construction logo creator free. The most commonly used colors in this field are: blue, black, yellow, green, and shades of brown.

Experiment with Colors

You can experiment with the color palette to create a striking contrast or go with a tri-color scheme such as white, blue and red. With a home construction company logo, you want your target audience to trust the services and establish a loyal clientele. These colors are a popular choice as they are associated with authority, strength, reliability and security.

Blue for example, is known to represent loyalty and trust. It can also be used in home remodeling logo for its professional and corporate appearance. Similarly, black is associated with power and determination. You can opt for hues of blue against a black or white background for a modern house construction company logo.

Some designs also make quite a strong impact with a green and yellow or an earthy brown color palette. Pick the right colors and create an appealing brand design in our house construction business logo generator studio.

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