How can I create my own logo?

If you are here, it means that you are ready to create your own logo for branding! Well, it’s actually quite simple now and does not require any previous design knowledge or skills. When you are looking for a few ways to design your own logo online, there are quite a few that may catch your attention. Before we talk about the easiest way to make an impressive and professional logo design with our logo creator, let’s discuss a few common ways which you can find.

One of the most popular tools for logo designing is Adobe Illustrator. It has different tools and features which allow people to create a brand symbol for their businesses or personal brands. Designers and entrepreneurs also use programs or software such as:

  • Vectr
  • CorelDRAW
  • Photoshop
  • Creative Market
  • Free Logo Creator

Now, you can access any of these options easily but they can be a bit costly and require basic or advanced design skills. In order to get a relevant and appealing brand design, you can also go with a professional and hire their services. However, keep in mind that you need a flexible budget which could be slightly challenging.

Given that such software or tools could be difficult to navigate, it is best to consider a solution which is easy to use and does not cost money. This is where our Free Logo Creator comes in. All you have to do is find a relevant template and customize the colors, fonts and icons to generate a brand design for your startup or small business in a few minutes.

Steps By Step Guide To Creating My Own Logo

Designing your own logo is very simple with the features available in the logo maker studio. Here are some key steps to follow for creating a timeless and engaging brand symbol:

1. Pick a Style

Before you start the design process, consider what you want the target audience to think when they come across the logo. Do you want to tell a story about the brand? Are you looking to convey the purpose? It is important to answer such questions and pick a type of logo that reflects the message. The logo is one of the first things that people are likely to notice about the business, project or application.

So make your choice carefully and brainstorm ideas to narrow down the design or style you want to ultimately choose. Your brand symbol will be at the core of the brand identity and featured on stationery, business cards, packaging, email marketing, social media headers and the website. It is a good idea to look at it from the audience’s perspective and focus on how people will react to the colors or symbols.

More About Logos

Be as clear as possible about why your product or service has been created. You can highlight the values and communicate the brand message to the consumers with your logo (Think Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike!)

A free logo maker tool for businesses, you can search through different templates and select one that represents the startup, web design project or blog in the best way possible. You can also enter the company name and choose from the updated logo styles which are relevant to the business and industry.

To make the process simpler, you can also go to the logo design feature and add details about the business. Choose the relevant category from the range of options given such as automobile, beauty, construction, finance or any other you want. Once you finalize the template, start customizing the elements and create a financial logo, sports logo or jewelry logo.

The second most important step is to pick a suitable type of logo design which makes a positive impression. You may already be familiar with a few popular ones such as the wordmark or logotypes, combination marks or lettermarks. If you are slightly confused about making the right choice when looking to ‘create my logo’, here is what you need to know!

The following are the five most common types of logos that you can choose for your startup, application or website:


This is also known as a logotype and consists of only text or name. If you opt for this design, then pay attention to the font styles and typography. The brand or company name will be your logo and featured on all branding and promotional materials. Take a look at the examples given below where the wordmark draws attention immediately. You can easily choose a similar style for a photography logo or media & communication brand in our logo creator!

It is one of the best ways to create a memorable logo and minimalist logo which does not need to be updated or revamped frequently. For industries such as accounting, attorney & law, aviation or medical & pharmacy, a wordmark can be the ideal choice for creating recognition and awareness.


The lettermark is slightly more mysterious and can encourage people to look for more information about the brand or business. It is also mainly text and typography but instead of a name, the logo only has letters or initials. IBM, McDonald’s and HBO are some of the examples of famous lettermarks that are recognized all across the globe.

With a lettermark, you can create an eye-catching icon for your app or startup with our logo maker for free. The symbols can work very well in the food industry, retail, beauty, photography or fashion.

Combination Marks

As it is obvious by the name, combination marks consist of icons or images with the company name. So you can have two recognizable elements in your logo and clarify what the brand has to offer easily. Your target audience can associate an image or symbol with the name and recall it later on too. This type of logo is used by a lot of corporations and offers freedom to use

lettermarks with wordmarks, icons or imagery which can be placed side by side or stacked above the text. There are a few logos where the name is incorporated between the graphic elements as well.

If you see the examples below, the combination marks are engaging and can grab attention anywhere. People can also immediately tell what they can find with a particular business or service by looking at a fitness logo or religion & spirituality logo symbol.

Abstract Logos

This is a type of logo which can be unique to your brand and also keep people interested or guessing what you have to say. It consists of an icon which can be meaningful and convey a strong message about the company too. PayPal, Spotify and Apple are some examples of popular abstract icons which are known everywhere.

Abstract logos are commonly used in information technology logos, internet logos or ecommerce, finance and insurance logos and you can easily find the right one in our logo generator. They are minimalist, modern and can immediately grab attention on social media profiles and website headers.


The logo combines text with symbols or imagery and has quite a traditional look. You can find badges or crests where the brand name is incorporated into the graphic elements. BMW and Lamborghini have famous emblems which can be instantly recognized due to their appealing colors and powerful design. Emblems are popular in the automobile industry, community & foundations, and security & investigation logos.

They can send out a strong message and tell people about the business on the first look. If you want to choose an emblem in our logo maker studio, make sure that it reflects the brand values and is clearly visible in various sizes too.

3. Know Your Colors

One of the most important things to consider in logo design is the color combination. If you think about it, almost all the primary and secondary colors can bring out positive or negative emotions in people. They have a meaning in graphic elements so you have to choose the color palette of your logo carefully. It’s how you will communicate and engage your target audience.

Colors also tell people about the nature of your work or industry. The following are a few common ones that you can find in logo design and their meaning:

  • Blue-This is quite common in information technology, accounting, finance and construction. It is known to have a calming or soothing effect and represent trust, security and reliability.
  • Red-It is popular in restaurant logos or the food industry.The color is associated with excitement, energy and passion. When people see it in a fast food logo for example, they can feel hungry and be convinced to try out a few items
  • Yellow-Brings out a feeling of happiness and warmth which makes it a good choice for brands in transport, home improvement and entertainment.
  • Black-It is associated with authority, power and knowledge. The color works very well in the background and creates a striking contrast with blue, red and white.
  • White-It represents purity and sophistication so fashion companies or jewelry brands can use it to get attention on print and digital mediums.
  • Green-This is associated with growth, nature and balance. You can see it in agriculture logos, medical & pharmacy logos or manufacturing logos.
  • Pink-The color represents femininity, fun and happiness. It is used in fashion & apparel logos, beauty logos or health and wellness brands

You can customize the template in our logo creator and change the background color to a solid or gradient. There are a range of options given in the tool which make this quite simple and all you have to pick is a color scheme which reflects your brand values and appeal to the target audience. In a few minutes, you can create your logo to promote the startup or project.

4. Look For Suitable Fonts

When you are searching for ways to ‘make my own logo’, one of the first things that you should do is become familiar with various font styles. There are few common ones that influence the way the audience thinks about your brand. You can easily find a suitable one in our free logo maker and make changes to the wordmark or lettermark as required.

Here is what you should know about the font styles which are used in logo design:


This font family or typeface has a sophisticated and traditional appearance. It can tell people that the brand is reliable, has a solid history and offers the solution they are looking for. Serif fonts such as Georgia, Garamond, Baskerville and Times New Roman are commonly used in , accounting logos or finance logos among others.

San Serif

For a minimalist and modern look, Sans Serif fonts can be ideal. You can choose the style in the logo generator studio and customize the design in a few minutes. The fonts are clearly visible in different resolutions and make the logo easily scalable too. Helvetica, Verdana and Futura are some examples of Sans Serif styles.


These fonts can certainly make your logo unique and stand out on business cards, stationery and digital platforms too. They are associated with elegance and creativity so you can use them for arts & crafts logo,travel & hospitality logos or music & production logo.


The display fonts are a good choice for childcare logos, entertainment and religion & spirituality as they create a personalized appearance.

5. Get Feedback

At the end, you want to make sure that the logo is appealing to other people as well. So try and get a response or feedback from your team, friends or family members before finalizing the design. You can easily add more changes and create just the right brand symbol for your small business or web design project.

Our logo creator has made it very easy for people with less or no design skills to generate a design which can help them promote their product or services successfully.


If you want to make an impressive logo design, follow the steps above and get started with our free tools. With this free logo maker, you don’t have to spend any money for a professional brand icon! Even skilled designers can find inspiration by browsing through hundreds of templates and formats that can be customized in a short time.

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